Developing this website has its own story


Information Technology

Time line

Two months

Developing the website is not about the technology, but about the user experience

Prior to this website, I had a website I developed on my own. At the bottom, there was a text indicating that it was a website built using “word press” some of the employees with me insisted that it should be removed. But, my explanation was that, that anyone who visit my website should know that it is possible to develop a website by them selves and let that be there as an inspiration.

However, this time I thought I should get some professional help to develop the website. I contacted a company who do web development, obtained a quotation and paid an advance as  well to develop a website. After the payment they went silent for some time, and I had to remind them about the date of delivery they promised. Then, they got activated and assigned a developer to the project and I received a mail “please provide content”.

I was surprised on this approach, yet discussed with them and requested them that I need to select a layout and to give me options. They gave me one layout. I trust the meaning of options was missing in the equation. Then, I requested an option and they gave me another layout not much different to the first one and I created some content to suit the website and send them. Few days passing the delivery date, they sent me a link of my website where the dummy texts of the template they copied were still on the web page and not the content I provided. Had a discussion about this issue and the company was so adamant and they insisted that they have done the right thing. So I said I am discontinuing and they can keep the advance as well.

I was looking for alternative and Peshala volunteered to support me with developing the website. He is a User Experience Engineer. Initially he had several rounds of discussions and clarified many thigs about my business. He was the one who pointed that my company at this revolved around my credibility than anything else, so myself as a brand will go in the website. Peshala at the initial stage did not discuss anything about the website, all discussions were about the business.

After several rounds of discussions he showed me sample web pages and checked my preference and made a design and obtained my consent. Then the design was passed to Bawantha, another young lab who had self taught the techniques of web development. he developed the sample website, go the approval of Peshala, and then showed me how it looked like.

With my approval, the hosting plans were selected and installed the live web site.

Still this is a wordpress website, I have the facility to edit the website even from my phone. In fact I am in control of my website. I am not saying that word press is the only tool that you can build websites, but when you want to develop a website do not agree to a developer who will study you website. Get hold of  a UX engineer who will conceptualize the website for you like Peshala and a flexible developer line Bawantha.

You will find their contact at the bottom of the home page.


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